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Gift of Giving

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Give the Gift of Giving this Holiday Season:

We are trying to send as many care packages as possible to our troops overseas for the Holiday Season. We need your help.

As the holidays are approaching why not help out a great cause for our troops who are overseas?

It can be tough for deployed soldiers to not be around their family and friends. Our goal is to send out as many care packages as possible in order to brighten up a soldier’s day. As you can imagine, filling a box with goods and shipping it overseas is quite expensive. With your help we will be able to send more and more care packages! Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated.

This holiday season why not provide a care package for one of our soldiers in the name of a loved one or a friend. For every donation of $50 or greater we will send a personalized card to the person you specify, that tells them that a care package has been donated in their name to help out our troops. Any donation over $25 we will send an electronic Thank You card to the person you specify. We encourage any donation amount in order to get as many care packages out as possible before December 5th.  If you have any general question or would like to send multiple care packages with a single donation, please email us at [email protected] after you make your contribution.

Please find it in your hearts this holiday season to donate, any contribution will make a huge difference to get as many care packages out as possible. If you are unable to contribute, please feel free to share our story with your friends and family members via social media, email, or even word of mouth.

Contents of Each Care Package

Thank you Card, Small Gifts made by local school children, beef jerky, oatmeal, ramen noodles, hot chocolate mix, hot hands, deodorant, sunscreen with mosquito repellent, coffee, coffee creamer, sugar, coffee filters, cough drops, baby wipes, batteries, hard candy, eye drops, and especially black socks.

Cost of Each Package

It costs $15.90 just to ship each package, no matter how many items we put in the box. Depending on donation received, we fill each box with $50 worth of goods. In order for the soldiers to receive the packages by Christmas we will need to have them sent out by December 5th.

Our first group to be mailed off

Contents of boxes

About Us

My husband was in the Marine Corps for 9 years.  He served 2 tours of duty, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. While he was deployed they hardly ever received any packages and when they did it cheer the soldiers up.  My husband was overseas during war time and they were constantly moving so getting items to him proved challenging for all of his family and friends.  We decided as a family that we didn’t want any military member to feel forgotten so we started a non profit called Courage on All Fronts.  It was very fitting for us because it takes courage to go to war but it also takes courage to stay behind and to send your spouse, son, husband, daughter, sister, anyone.  We also wanted people to know that it takes courage to come home from war and face those demons. Courage on All Fronts is my passion.  It allows me to give back to the people that truly make this country great!  We can’t do it alone.  We need the help of people that can send $15, $20, $30 to get these men and women the items they need. We appreciate any amount you are able to donate!

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