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Help a Veteran in Need

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Robert Reichert, an Army veteran who was honorably discharged after serving for quite a few years, will now have to miss quite a bit of work because of this accident. Despite asking for VA assistance, his family hasn’t been able to get an appointment for help. GoFundVeterans has been helping raise money to for their rent by getting the word out. Robert spoke with us at VA Home Loan Centers about this ordeal.


My name is Robert Reichert. I have served in The United States Army for eight years as a 92F Petroleum Supply. I completed two tours while in the Army: Iraq in 2011, and Afghanistan in 2013-2014. I was recently in the army reserves but was honorably discharged in July 2015.


About a month ago, after dropping my son off at school, I was struck by a 1500lb cow on HWY 380 right before entering Bridgeport, Texas. In the car accident I suffered a broken nose and broken and dislocated right elbow with possible surgery. Due to my injuries I have been out of work for the past month and will be further out of work for the next 3-4 months to recover.

We have been been waiting on a VA appointment to ask for additional help because our bills are beginning to pile up and without help my family will not have a roof over our heads for Christmas.

My wife and I have been active spokesmen for supporting troops and veterans in the past and it is extremely difficult for me to ask for assistance now; however, I fear this is my last option. Being out of work, bills have become overwhelming and I do not want to lose our home. I am asking for $5,000 to pay our bills and as a living supplement until I am able to work again.

Please find it in your hearts to donate, any contribution will make a huge difference in our lives. If you are unable to contribute, please feel free to share our story with your friends and family members via social media, email, or even word of mouth.


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