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Hunger Has No Religion

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I am currently an Active Duty Army Recruiter based out of Atlanta, Georgia with 12 years of service. I volunteer weekly with a non-profit organization called Feeding the Homeless Project, which serves over 200 meals on the streets of Atlanta. I’m extremely passionate about volunteering and helping my community. I started a fundraiser to help with the purchase of hygiene kits and small essentials for the homeless. Hunger Has No Religion is an awareness campaign to help those in need regardless of their religion. In-spite of our religious beliefs, we’re all people first.

The money raised will fund the men, women and children in need. Some of our veterans are on the streets. Your support is greatly appreciated in accomplishing this goal. I was trained as a soldier to never leave a fallen comrade, there are some of our fallen comrade’s living on the streets. Let’s help them!


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