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Warrior Athletics Veteran Center

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My name is Daniel Blevins and I am the founder of Warrior Athletics, LLC. I am a United States Army Veteran with deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and South Korea. I spent 10 years in the service and during that time I saw the wear and tear to my fellow veterans, both physically and mentally, that comes along with serving this great nation.

Since leaving the service, I have made it my mission to make sure Veterans have all the support they need to transition from the military and build a stable life. I spent three years volutneering with Veteran groups that focused on transitional veterans and I’ve spent the last two years working to solve veteran homelessness. During that time I noticed there was a real problem with getting veterans out of the house and moving again. The veteran either lacked the money, transportation, or had found themselves completely isolated and rarely left their house.

To solve this problem I built a program that provided veterans access to crossfit, weight lifting, cardio routines, olympic weight lifting, endurance training, and speed training. Not only did this vastly improve the physical health of veterans, it gave them a whole new community and support system; which greatly improved their mental health as well.

Because of my work in this field, I have been given the oppurtunity to expand this program privately, do it full time, and have a center dedicated just to this program. Myself and another Veteran believe whole-heartedly in this mission and know just how life changing it can be for a Veteran. We started the company Warrior Athletics ro give this mission a home.

The last hurdle in taking this program full time and expanding it from 25 veterans to 100 veterans is just a few thousand dollars. Since we are running this program for less than cost, we wont be able to cover the expenses of new eqiupment, legal fees, and insurance, which is needed for the rapid expansion.

The mission of Warrior Athletics’ Veterans Training Center is to improve mental and physical health, reduce substance abuse, and promote a higher quality of living among veterans. This program will allow Veterans to receive low cost/no cost physical training, tailored to their individual needs and limitations.

Thank you for making a difference in the live of Veterans!


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