AMS Machine and the manufacture of Low-Pro Products…

AMS started back in 2002 as a small CNC Machine shop. AMS is a Veteran owned company, with 7 years of service in a Combat Engineer Unit, as a machinist, serving in the United States Army. After leaving the Military, I worked for several large companies honing the skills that I had learned in the military. With over 30 plus years of machining experience, most all in the CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) side, and working as a manufacturing Engineer, learning Design, to include CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Initially AMS started as supporting large manufacturing companies with handling their over flow work. In 2004, AMS first started developing Tactical Accessories; the very first item was the offset flashlight mount. This is where and how Low-Pro Products started. AMS is a very diverse company, still machining parts for outside customers, with a broad range of products and material types to include the Tactical Accessories (Low-Pro).


  • Low Production Cost
  • Accuracy, Consistency, Repeatability
  • Perform multiple operations on one set-up
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent Surface Finish