Our Mission

GoFundVeterans supports those with injuries and illnesses attributable to their service in the U.S. Armed Forces. We believe that those prepared to put their lives second, deserve the best out of life. Every activity we offer aims to empower our heroes to look beyond illness and injury, regain their purpose, reach their highest potential.

Veteran Support

Whether you’re a Veteran of our Armed Forces or currently serving, a family member or loved one. Whatever your illness or injury, we are here for you! We are here to empower you, to help you regain your purpose and have a positive impact on society. By joining our mission, you can be part of our journey to ensure all veterans have the support they need

How We Can Help

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Find and Search campaigns. Calling all people to join our mission and to help our heroes. Click now to find a campaign that inspires you.

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Find a inspiring campaign and share it with your friends, family and the world to support the greater good and help our mission. The more you share the more we can help our heroes.

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Donate today to a campaign you find inspiring and will help change a veteran, a military family or the world.

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We are dedicated to veterans, the military and their families and we know you want to support them. We are starting a directory of veterans businesses. Register your business or find one today in your local area.

Featured Businesses



Help be the force for good. GoFundVeteran is dedicated to helping our military and their families. This is why we we will always aim to reduce our administration fee. 94% of all funds raised go directly to supporting veterans and their families. If you donate directly to a campaign 100% of fund go to veterans. We believe that no veteran, active military member, or military dependent should lack the resources necessary to survive. Rather, we believe they should thrive during and after serving our great country. Our goal is to create a resource where veterans and the military community can go to for support and financial needs.

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PBR Atlanta Partners with Go Fund Veterans

By Admin | October 3, 2018

You may know PBR Atlanta as the go-to bar after a Braves game, or a...

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Service Dogs Are a Lifeline For Our Veterans

By Admin | May 12, 2018

Atlanta - It’s not a secret that veteran suicides are at an all time high...

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GoFundVeterans goes into the Incubator

By Admin | July 26, 2017

GoFundVeterans recently visited the radio program the Incubator. A radio program that features recent startups...

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What problem are we try to solve?

Currently, the biggest issue facing members of the military community is getting the financial help they need in a quick and efficient manner. Many of these men and women face financial obstacles, and we wanted to create a platform exclusively for the military community to get the help they deserve and need. We allow any Veteran, Active Military Member, or Family Dependent to create a project and raise money for various needs and dreams. We have seen how citizens rally and support members of the military, and we believe that this trend will continue. We acknowledge that there are many organizations that are helping our veterans, but we wanted to create a platform to give american citizens direct access. We also believe we can use technology to keep administration fees low, where other charities struggle.

Why is there a Donation Processor Cost?

All online fundraising requires a third-party credit card processor such as PayPal, WePay or Stripe. These processors allow money to be safely collected and transferred online, but they do charge small fees for this service. GoFundVeterans also use a verification service to ensure that everyone using our site has served in the US military or is a defendant. This process is a 2.9% +.30 fee for all funds raised. This is not a GoFund Veterans fee.

How do I know if a project creator is a military member, veteran or dependent?

We use a service called SheerID to verify the projects on our site. SheerID offers the most comprehensive coverage in the industry. SheerID perform a binary verification against authoritative data in real time without requiring sensitive personal data like a Social Security number. You can learn more at:

How long do I have to raise funds for my project?

You have 90 days to raise money for your project and then it will be distributed into your account.

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