C. K. & M. Woodworking: Where Quality & Skill Meet Art & Passion

My name is Collin, a woodworker and carpenter with a love for taking wood of all types and turning it into beautifully, handcrafted pieces of functional art. In my time in the sawdust I have created pieces across a wide range of subjects and styles: from traditional and historical structural furnishings to more modern and contemporary pieces of functional art.

Each piece that I build is hand-crafted by me using all of my skills and talents, complimented by my love and passion for woodworking and the beauty that each piece adds to its new home. I have had clients commission pieces based on specific ideas and dreams that they have and have crafted pieces to fit odd and highly specialized areas and purposes. All are created with the utmost respect for the art, the client and the quality of the woods used and the work.



  • 2-Tier Kitchen Island
  • Large shelving unit
  • Wooden bed trey