Old North Marketing is a local, veteran-owned small business founded by Will Jacobsen. Based out of the Research Triangle Park in Durham, North Carolina, we believe every client should receive our full attention – something many agencies cannot claim. We love understanding the intricacies of each business so that we can craft the best marketing strategy and utilize the highest performing tactics specific to your business. To us, you are not just a number or a recurring source of revenue.

When you partner with Old North, we learn your business, your customers, and collect the insightful consumer data. This allows us to fully understand your customer – the challenges they face, the questions they have, and the needs they want met. These understandings combined with our marketing expertise allow us to create powerful solutions that generate inbound leads and grow your business.


We help our clients do three things:

We take your objectives and craft a marketing strategy that meets your company’s goals and fits the business environment.

We connect to potential customers by driving local, social, organic, and paid traffic.

We measure and monitor the results of campaigns to ensure your digital presence is fully optimized using data collection, digital analytics, and attribution modeling.


Pricing and Service
At Old North, we believe in simple and sustainable pricing and service models. You help us understand your company’s growth targets, and we will craft and implement a marketing plan to generate the level of traffic and leads your sales team need to reach those objectives.


Here are a few of the ways we can work with you:

  • Month-to-Month Consulting & Management
  • Per-Project Basis
  • Long-term Partnerships